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We are Ukraine, sea of Azov, the city of Kirillovka, Zaporozhye area.Travel by plane up to Simferopol either up to Kiev or up to Zaporozhye, then the bus or a local train will deliver you to us. The meeting at the airport and delivery to us by the bus of our company is possible.Sea of Azov very warm and tender.The complex borrows the exclusive position, framed with the southern party coast, and with east - sanatorium KIRILLOVKA, promises many tempting opportunities for fans of cheerful entertainments. From terraces of hotel SHERHAN it is possible to admire impressing panorama of all complex. The interior of halls and numbers is unusually original, and in adjoining territory to services of visitors billiards, a sauna, massage, videogames, paid parking place. The magnificent sea beach is located in several minutes of walking from hotel. A feed will not be a problem. The fine restaurant, with magnificent kitchen can surprise even prejudiced gourmets. During day various snack foods, alcoholic and soft drinks import and a domestic production will be offered to you. In the evening entertaining show the program will not allow you to miss.

For fans of "sharp" entertainments from 23.00 o'clock, daily, the STRIPTEASE.

FOR THE FIRST TIME and ONLY AT US!!! From August, 1 till August, 15

the international festival of acquaintances.

From August, 1 till August, 15 BAGIRA carries out the international festival of acquaintances with participation of stars of music and cinema, modelling agencies and simply beautiful girls. We invite you to have a rest at us and to take part in festival. Be afraid of nothing, simply write and come. We have database of girls. Under your application we shall pick up to you the girl. The girl who has liked you you can invite to us to festival. The purpose of festival to acquaint you with each other to create warm, romantic conditions for a meeting, the show-program with music, competitions and prizes, other BUSINESS - FOR YOU!! The application and photo is necessary for participation. In exchange for the application you receive additional, interesting you, the information by e-mail. Find the DREAM AT us!! A meeting on seacoast what can be more romantic for the first acquaintance? If you not the inhabitant of Ukraine with visas we shall solve all questions for you! Write also you will not regret - such festival yet was not.Registration of the visa and a feed 3 times a day (full) + residing of 2 day (2 days and 2 nights) + during day of snack food and various drinks of-1000 $ :4 day - 1500$.

Наш адресс:

Запорожская обл.
пгт Кирилловка

тел.: (067)617-37-79$ 067-506-34-74 бронирование

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